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Ask me anything Sun, Nov. 10, 2013 1 note
mstweeny Asked:
Hey I have a boyfriend and he doesn't really text me back much. I just read one of your posts that said guys don't play hard to get. If he doesn't text you back he doesn't like you. Does this mean that my boyfriend doesn't like me?

no i think you’re good. guys don’t text back nearly as much as girls want them to. it probably means nothing

Ask me anything Thu, Jul. 26, 2012
Anonymous Asked:
My girlfriend went to country thunder and made up a lie on why i couldn't go. She planned on going in January with her friends before we were even talking, so i wasn't apart of the picture yet. She told me that the reason she said i couldn't go is because she felt bad that her friend was the third wheel. Do you think they're is more to it then just her feeling bad about her friend because she basically outkasted me.

I would say it’s probably legit. If she planned that with her friend before you started talking she probably didn’t want to make her friend feel as if she were less important than you. I wouldn’t read to much into it. I think she just wanted a girls day but didn’t want to say that and hurt your feelings

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